The use of growth hormone in sport

Growth hormone (GH or somatotropic hormone or HGH or somatotropin) is a hormone specific to the peptide part of the pituitary gland. It is essential for athletes who want to build quality muscles. 

In Latin, “Soma” means “body”. The term “somatotropin” has come to be used because it acts on the young body in the following way: it promotes the acceleration of linear hypertrophy (growth of the body in length) through the growth of the tubular bones of the upper and lower limbs.

Pharmacological parameters

The drug has

  • an anabolic effect, which contributes to an increase in muscle mass ;
  • an anticatabolic effect, which inhibits the process of muscle destruction ;
  • an influence on the fat layer, by reducing its volume;
  • a regulating effect on the expenditure of the body’s energy resources;
  • healing of skin and tissue injuries;
  • rejuvenating effect on the whole body;
  • fortifying, immunity-boosting action;
  • Controls blood sugar levels;
  • stimulates the growth of organs that have atrophied over the years;
  • influence on the strengthening of bone tissue and, in fact, on bone development in people under the age of 26.

Some of these results are due to the product itself, while others are simply mediated by an insulin-like growth factor called IGF-1. Not so long ago, this factor was also called somatomedin C, and its production in the body was observed exclusively in the liver under the action of somatotropin. It has a stimulatory effect on the hypertrophy of most organs. In the main body, the effect of GH depends on the influence of IGF-1.

Hormone release changes over the years

Growth hormone production declines every year in humans, reaching a near minimum in old age. At the same time as production itself, the amplitude of its peaks and the frequency indicator decrease.

This indicator peaks in the early years of human development. The greatest amplitude is observed during adolescence and puberty.

GH secretion and its daily rhythms

The release of this substance, like most other types of hormone, has a periodicity and changes daily, reaching different peaks. On average, it reaches its peak within 3 to 5 hours. The maximum value is reached during the night, around 60 to 90 minutes after bedtime.

The role of GH for bodybuilders

When the pharmaceutical market first developed, hormones were used exclusively for medical purposes. However, fairly quickly, GH gained in popularity and demand in the sporting world, becoming an indispensable tool for rapidly and effectively building muscle mass and reducing a significant proportion of fat deposits.

The first product to contain GH was an extract from the pituitary glands of deceased people. It was not until 1981 that scientists succeeded in creating a recombinant product based on somatotropin, which represented a breakthrough in this field.

Eight years after this discovery, somatotropin was banned by the Olympic Sports Committee. But that didn’t stop athletes from using the drug. Over the last 20 years, sales of somatotropin have increased dramatically. Most bodybuilding athletes use the hormone. They add it to other anabolic substances to reinforce its positive effect.

How do you get rid of excess fat and gain lean muscle mass at the same time?

The question arises: why has growth hormone become so popular in the world of sport? The reason is its ability to influence the reduction of subcutaneous fat deposits. In numerous experiments, scientists have succeeded in proving that the use of this substance develops dry muscle connective tissue and increases the number of muscle cells thanks to the accumulation of fluid.

The curative effect of the hormone, which reduces the number of injuries, was a welcome addition. In other words, the hormone strengthens bones and connective tissue and helps them to recover quickly from injury.

It is worth mentioning that the use of this hormone is not necessary for weightlifters. Scientists have shown that somatotropin has no effect on strength indicators. Furthermore, it is unable to positively influence overall performance and endurance levels. Furthermore, it has been observed that this hormone slightly reduces recovery after strength training and the fatigue threshold. For those who are essential in sport, it is not necessary to take growth hormone.

To sum up, we can see once again that the hormone is used by sportspeople to obtain good relief. It has a number of advantages: it is highly effective, has few side effects, does not affect male potency and has no androgenic effect.

If the hormone is used for 30 days, body weight will increase by an average of 3 kg. If it remains unchanged, this can only mean one thing: the athlete has lost all the excess fat!

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